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Experience serenity with the Savhera team.  At the start of each work day our teams in India and the U.S. practice stillness, contemplation, and unity with the help of this little book of meditations. Written by Savhera’s founders, Diffusing Dignity features thirty unique meditations centered around our corporate values.  With this book, you can set your intentions every day, reflect on key values like dignity, integrity, equality, and excellence, and join a global community of justice-seekers and overcomers.  With this book, you can journey with us as we “diffuse dignity” together!

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  1. becdiffuseslovesmith

    I am a life coach and have learned over my years in this field that contemplation and reflection are key to a joyous and stable life. This meditation books is one of the best I have ever seen, it gives you such beautiful, insightful meaning behind each value then asks you questions to get your mind working! My favorite one is empowerment! I feel the word is very mainstream and people use it lightly but its the only way to achieve redemption “to empower means to put power into; when you put power into someone, you are literally giving them an authority to be free to be themselves” – diffusing dignity LOVE IT!!

  2. robert.churchill.breath

    This mediation book has honestly changed my view of so many different concepts. I meditate daily and will normally do different devotionals or listen to soaking music while I just clear my mind. This book has brought my contemplative mediation to the next level. The way that they define words we hear everyday and bring a new light to them has rocked my world. Plus knowing that the survivors and staff of Savhera do a mediation themselves every morning as well makes me feel so much unity!! Transforming our everyday lives to the most joyous, serene they can be is humanities goal and this book helps me to achieve that.

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