Organic Warm Memories



This blend was formulated by a certified aromatherapist to give you that snuggled up by the fire feeling. It has warm hints of cinnamon bark, nutmeg and clove, frankincense, and orange. Every sale of this blend directly benefits a survivor-run business. 

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Weight 2.8 oz

Warm, cinnamon-y, and earthy

Common uses

Antibacterial, antiviral, boosts respiratory health, immune support, grounding, and uplifting


Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant & breastfeeding women should use caution when using essential oils and should consult their doctor about essential oil use. This product is not intended for use on skin. Keep essential oils away from flames and use caution when using essential oils around open flame. Never leave a votive warmer unattended. The blends are not recommended for use with Aroma jewelry


Organic frankincense carterii, organic cinnamon bark, organic orange, organic nutmeg, organic clove leaf

Aromatherapist Notes

Scent and memory go hand in hand. Oftentimes when you catch an aroma on the wind it may take you back to a special time and place where the scent was present while you created special memories. Find fun ways to use this blend around the home and create your own special memories.This blend is intended for use as an air freshener and may be used in
diffusers or votive warmers according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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