Savhera Electric Diffuser


Experience aromatherapy with our electronic essential oil diffuser! This diffuser produces a continuous, ultra-fine mist and has an optional blue LED light feature. It is the most popular way to use our oils!


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  1. aromatherapistmeljo

    I love my Savhera diffuser, I use it all day and it still is working so well! Every time I use it I am reminded of the impact I’m making on other womens lives! Ive owned multiple other diffusers and this is by far the best bang for your buck!!

  2. yogalylover

    This is such a high quality diffuser for a reasonable price! I have purchased many “designer” diffusers, trust and believe they are not practical. Cleaning them is near to impossible and it seems there is always a malfunction. I have been using my Savhera diffuser for about 6 months now and have never had an issue. I normally clean it once a month and its quick and easy! I am a yoga instructor so my diffuser is basically going 24/7 and this has been the best one yet!

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