Organic Essential Oils KitOrganic Essential Oils Kit

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This kit is the perfect introduction to the world of Savhera’s premium, organic essential oils. Each carefully selected oil possesses unique qualities and showcases our diverse selection of organic oils. This is the perfect addition to your wellness journey and a great gift for those you love.  Featured in this kit is the following collection of our USDA certified organic essential oils:  organic lavender, organic peppermint, organic tea tree, organic orange, organic eucalyptus, organic lemon.

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  1. becdiffuseslovesmith

    This starter kit has saved my life!! I am an avid user of essential oils in my home and at my office! I love to make my own blends so this was the perfect combination of oils to get the right blend in my diffuser every time! My two favorites is to mix lemon + peppermint (so fresh and uplifting) also lavender + tea tree (my personal sleep/calming mixture) I highly recommend getting this for your first Savhera purchase, you will not regret it!!!

  2. robert.churchill.breath

    I love my Savhera starter kit. Its convenient to have the box it comes in to be able to carry my oils with me or just placing them on my desk in a neat way. Knowing the survivors made it themselves and my purchase created independence for them sold me. I am big into the more healing and earthy oils like tea tree and eucalyptus but I enjoy a bit of uplighting. So depending on my mood and the day I will do four drops of tea tree with one drop of peppermint or lemon. When I buy blends already made they are pretty fruity and for me personally, I don’t like that as much. I bought this kit then got Oregano and Cedarwood and I was happy as can be!

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